Public House Media continues to expand and search out the next great podcast idea. Currently, our staff has determined that we would like to add shows that fall into the following genres below. If you have an existing show or have always thought about starting a podcast similar to what you see below, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Wine Show
    • Know your Merlots from your Malbecs? What about what years were good for the Cabernet grape? Or, do you just really like drinking wine? That works also!


  • Entrepreneur/Business Advice Show
    • It seems we all want to succeed in our daily lives, but what about in business? Have a great start-up idea? Or previous business knowledge, we’d love to hear more about it.


  • Crossfit/Workout/Nutrition Show
    • Working out, eating right and taking care of your body are important daily tasks. Sharing knowledge on how to get fit, eat right and live your best life are all important.


  • Music Show
    • Heard a really cool song recently? Or maybe you are a child of an 80’s rocker, or maybe you are the rocker.


  • Women’s Professional Sports Show
    • NWSL, WNBA, Pro Softball, you name it, we want it covered.


  • Daily News Show
    • Have a knack for good journalism and interest in following the latest political, world news, entertainment or anything else going on in the United States and abroad? We’d love to have you bring that A-game to our news department.


  • Interactive Game Show
    • Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, Ask Me Another, What’s the Score? The Sports News Quiz, Go Fact Yourself…need we say more? What is your next great game show idea?


  • Audio Drama Series
    • The Walk, Serial, Homecoming, Broadcast X…Have an idea for the next great audio drama, we want it here at PHM.


  • Fantasy Sports 
    • We are looking for year-round fantasy sports coverage from football, to baseball, soccer, and basketball.


Didn’t see a show you wanted to apply for? No worries, you can still submit your show idea by clicking on the link below.