When Aladdin was initially released in its animated form in 1992, it was quick to make a name for itself in the Disney Renaissance. It broke records and won awards, cementing itself in animation history as the first animated movie to break half a billion dollars at the box office and holding the title of highest grossing animated film for two whole years – until the release of 1994’s The Lion King. When the announcement was made that it was getting a Live Action remake, fans were skeptical that it could outdo the original, but production commenced and the final product was released on May 24th, to moderate success. This week, Emily and Elisabeth talk about the remake, its strengths, its weaknesses, and overall how they feel it compares to the original. Also this week, Elisabeth talks about the new Shang Tsung trailer that was dropped by NetherRealm Studios and Emily discusses brand new tech that’s being researched that could potentially be a stepping stone toward planetary colonization.

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